Hacking and IT security services provided by real hackers, engineers and risks managers.


The Opensense Hacking Red Team performs realistic attack scenarios to detect vulnerabilities and weaknesses within online services, applications, business processes, databases and IT infrastructures. We pinpoint the critical factors that could lead your organization to a prejudice or disaster and assist your staff into securing critical assets and activities.

Highly qualified, our Hackers are trained to reproduce modern attacks which involve skills in operating systems, network infrastructures, databases, development and cryptography. 

Duly whitelisted, our Hackers all have university degrees, no criminal records and engage in regular technical and ethical trainings allowing them to deliver results with complete trust, performance and due diligence.


Opensense conducts technical audits and consulting aiming to assess and improve the security of:

  • Web applications and web services

  • Mobile applications (iPhone and Android)
  • Networks & Cloud infrastructures
  • VPN and secure channels
  • Critical production systems and servers
  • Databases

The audits strategies are prepared in collaboration with your IT department, then performed by specialized engineers and IT security experts. Opensense then delivers the technical results and necessary consulting required to substantially improve the quality of your solutions and services.

Standard audits are based on internationally recognized standards, either related to audits strategies or the implementation of IT security within organizations or critical services.

Opensense can perform standard-based audits such as:

  • PCI-DSS - Payment Systems Audits
  • ISO 27001 & 27002 - Management of Information Security
  • NIST - Implementation of Guidelines & Best-practices
  • ​OWASP - Web Applications Audits
  • CVSS - Vulnerability Scoring & Risk Analysis

Opensense produces standard detailed reports for your IT staff and synthetic dashboards and metrics for the management.


Our Secure Development  and Source Code Review services permit your organization to deliver and deploy secured software and services towards final customers or end-users.

Opensense can review the source code of applications in order to ensure the security of processed data and resilience against malicious attacks, as well as giving you an overview of the implementation of secure development best-practices. We also help your developers to gain knowledge and skill into secure developement, by providing adequate training and consulting.

Opensense also assists large organizations into setting-up Secure Software Development Lifecycle frameworks and processes, allowing organizations to enhance their development practices and delivering a tangible impact on the overall quality of code production.


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